Sleep Mapper Mobile App
UI Motion + Visual + Connected Device UX
  SleepMapper App connects to dedicated wearables (such as the Philips head-band) to track sleep patterns over time, and enables a measurable increase of the sleep quality.

The use of non-standard and innovative connected wearables presents a considerably tough learning curve, as well as several maintenance needs that don't belong to the normal daily routine of users.

This innovation comes with the risk of being too complicated or unappealing for most consumers.
  I deliver the major contribution to this project through Motion Design and Illustration, aiming to improve ease of use and desirability. Delighting and guiding users through the experience with step-by-step visual storytelling based on tests sessions and on analysis of the actual at home use.

The achieved goal is to result as simple and user-friendly as possible, while succesfully delivering the benefits of a very sophisticated technology and, ultimately, a fundamental habit changer.